Rock Creek Ranch is a 2,500 acre working ranch and whitetail deer operation located in the deep piney woods of east Texas.  Established in the 1920's, as a dairy farm on only 200 acres.  It has developed into a beautiful combination of open pasture and timber production.  The ranch never focused on whitetails until we purchased a timber tract that had been managed for over twenty years. Since the 2001 addition of the timber tract we have added breeder pens to keep introducing some of the best genetics in the business to our already impressive native herd.  Our foundation genetics started with 250 inch bred does and we are adding new genetics every year from the most renowned breeders, with proven track records of producing high quality bucks.
As a small breeder we focus on using the best genetics available.  By doing this we are able to use the best, producing the best results.  Whether you're looking for breeder bucks, shooter bucks, bred does, fawns or semen, we provide it all, at competitive prices.  Our main focus is on our does, we breed our does to only the best and this will be the best year of yearlings yet.  There is nothing more exciting than sitting in the pens seeing the effects of all the hard work and planning that goes into every year of breeding.  By seeing our operation first hand you will gain a deeper appreciation and a better understanding of our top rate breeding program.  Give us a call or email to schedule a visit.  Thanks again for taking an interest in the proven genetics of Rock Creek.  We hope you enjoy our website and we look forward to getting a chance to know you.